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Let us help you and be a part of the process. Designing, planning, and developing saleable products for the target consumer is what we do best.

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From early sketches to prototypes, manufacturing, marketing and sales. We are your one stop shop to get you through the beginning hurdles and well on you way.

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If you have and idea for a new product, schedule a consultation today and let us help you take your new product ideas from concept to consumer.

More than 35 year experience in industry

Did you read that right? YES- if you are looking to create products within YOUR INDUSTRY or Starting your own CLOTHING LINE- the sky is the limit!

We have manufactured and produced products from Electronics, Gear, Plushies, Toys, Bags, Outerwear, Athletics and Fashion Apparel. We specialize in off shore prototyping, outsourcing, development and production. We can help you expand your products in any industry!

We Specialize in Turning New Ideas and Innovations into Commercially Viable Products.

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Let’s talk about your journey. The highs & lows about bringing a product to market. Let’s see how we can navigate road blocks and push boundaries to make it happen. This is our passion, our specialty, our connections and your dreams! #letsgo

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